Mercedes Vito Windscreen

Mercedes Vito Windscreen A new windscreen was required for this Mercedes Vito in Heathfield, Newton Abbot after it cracked from a stone chip. These windscreens are fitted with 2 antennas hidden in the top middle of the glass on the inside. For van windscreen replacements call Devon Windscreens on 01626 445186  

Windscreen Replacement MOT Failure

Windscreen Replacement MOT Failure

Windscreen Replacement MOT Failure This Renault Megane in Newton Abbot had a large stone chip on the front windscreen. The size of the impact was around 3-5cm in diameter and also right in front of the driver – this area is known as the A-zone and the maximum permitted damage in this area is 1cm … Read moreWindscreen Replacement MOT Failure

Kia Rio Windscreen Replacement

Kia Rio Windscreen with AEB Brake Assist

Kia Rio Windscreen Replacement A Kia Rio windscreen replacement for a local fleet company in Newton Abbot. This windscreen also had a rain sensor and a AEB braking system. Combining radar and camera data, the AEB system activates the brakes when it detects any risk of collision. If the distance between the Rio and either … Read moreKia Rio Windscreen Replacement