WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Windscreen Replacement MOT Failure

Windscreen Replacement MOT Failure

This Renault Megane in Newton Abbot had a large stone chip on the front windscreen. The size of the impact was around 3-5cm in diameter and also right in front of the driver – this area is known as the A-zone and the maximum permitted damage in this area is 1cm in the MOT test.

When a car has significant damage in the A-zone it is safer to replace the windscreen rather than attempt to repair it, anything around or below 1cm is fine to repair, excessive damage on larger windscreen chips will remain visible and would be likely to fail the MOT. As this was a bad star break, the best option was definitely a new replacement windscreen which ensures no problems on the MOT and also restores the structural integrity of the windscreen in the event of an accident.




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