WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Acrylic Window Installation


Our latest acrylic window installation in Wales using Sika 295uv marine adhesive. For the 8 windows and back-filling around 80 tubes of Sika 295uv are used in total. Once the urethane has skinned over we then install anti-graffiti film to protect the acrylic from the wiper blades and sand, the window film acts as a … Read more

RNLI Launch Recovery System

RNLI Launch Recovery System

RNLI Launch Recovery System

Our latest project was the RNLI Launch Recovery System in Wales. This new cab required 8 acrylic windows to be fitted along with anti-graffiti film to protect the plastic surface from sand and wiper scratching.

Using several templates we hand prime and bond the acrylic windows. Once the windows have set we then tool the Sika 295UV urethane to create a fantastic finish.

We also managed to video the RNLI Launch & Recovery System SC05 in action!

RNLI Launch Recovery System


Marine Acrylic Windows

Acrylic Windows for Marine

Marine Acrylic Windows Another marine project completed. 8 Acrylic windows fitted and back filled with Sika 295 UV urethane.

Acrylic Bond Failure

Acrylic Window Bond Failure

Acrylic Bond Failure After these windows were incorrectly installed we were called in to rectify the job. It would appear that the wrong primer was used on the Acrylic Windows which resulted in complete bond / urethane failure. Acrylic Windows must have the correct primer and it is vital to prepare the surface correctly. Here … Read more

Marine Windows

Acrylic Windows on a Marine Project Specialist installation of acrylic windows on a marine project. These windows are bonded in using Sika 295i UV, this is a polyurethane sealant specially made for marine applications. Suitable for organic glasses (PC, PMMA, GRP), it is ageing and weather resisitant.