Kia Rio Windscreen with AEB Brake Assist

Kia Rio Windscreen Replacement

Kia Rio Windscreen Replacement

A Kia Rio windscreen replacement for a local fleet company in Newton Abbot. This windscreen also had a rain sensor and a AEB braking system.

Combining radar and camera data, the AEB system activates the brakes when it detects any risk of collision. If the distance between the Rio and either the vehicle ahead or pedestrians is too small, the system will apply the brakes automatically. When travelling between 4.9-49.7 MPH, the Rio will come to a complete stop.

This type of driving assist system is becoming fairly standard on most new vehicles. Care must be taken to ensure the windscreen is fitted correctly and set to the original height to ensure correct alignment of the camera systems. It is best to test the brake assist to ensure it works correctly, if it doesn’t work a recalibration is necessary usually via the Kia dealership, the cost of the recalibration from Kia is around £120+VAT.



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