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BMW Mini Cooper Leaking Windscreen

BMW Mini Cooper Leaking Windscreen

BMW Mini Cooper Leaking Windscreen This BMW Mini Cooper had a leaking windscreen in Paignton. We received a call from the local dealership to remove and refit the leaking windscreen. When we removed the windscreen we found the urethane hadn’t reached the aperture (as you can see from the shiny surface in the picture) which …

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Leaking Transit Windscreen

Leaking Transit Windscreen This leaking transit windscreen had been removed and refitted due to a roof repair. The windscreen was primed too high and the urethane missed the primer and failed to bond to the glass causing a leak. With our Sika adhesive and primerless system the whole of the windscreen obscuration band is activated …

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Leaking BMW Mini Windscreen

BMW Mini One Leaking

Leaking BMW Mini Windscreen It is rare for a bonded windscreen to leak but this one had been replaced in London and once the glass was removed the reasons for the leak became apparent. Once a bonded windscreen has been cleaned and correctly primed it is good practice to then wear latex gloves, avoid handling …

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Windscreen Aperture Damage

windscreen aperture rust

Windscreen Aperture Damage Today we replaced a windscreen on a Hyundai i10, the customer mentioned that the windscreen was replaced around two years ago by a local company. After careful removing the windscreen we discovered the usual hack job by windscreen fitters in a hurry – the windscreen had been chopped out with stanley knife …

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Leaking Transporter Glass

Leaking Transporter Window

VW Transporter T5 side window leaking after a poor installation somewhere in Dorset. The customer was very lucky that the window hadn’t fallen out as the glass wasn’t primed and with a little pressure it completely let go the urethane. Normally when a window is cut out the old urethane is matt black in colour, …

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