WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Stone Chip Glass Repair

Having a stone chip repair on your windscreen can save you £££’s, If you have fully comprehensive insurance, a windscreen repair is normally free***

Most stone chips are star, bullseye, half moon or combination breaks which can normally be repaired by injecting a special resin which is optically matched to your glass. The resin is like an advanced glue which bonds the cracks in the windscreen, preventing them spreading and reducing the need to replace the whole windscreen.

When a stone impacts your windscreen it can cause a small crack in the glass, similar to the ones in the diagram above. Typically these are around the size of a 5p or a 10p coin. Once there is a chip like this the chances are your windscreen will crack especially if the chip is within 50mm of the windscreen edge or when an extreme change in temperature occurs.

Our resin will bond the stone chip and prevent further cracking, the resin has the same refraction index as glass so your optical clarity will be restored. On average a windscreen repair takes about 30 minutes.

All our repairs are carried out to MOT standards, if your repair is over the MOT guidelines then we will advise you to have a replacement windscreen rather than a repair.

*Subject to Insurance cover and any excess if applicable

Stone Chip Repair

  • Improves visibility
  • Restores glass strength
  • 90% improvement on most repairs
  • Most insurers cover glass repairs free
  • Glass repairs don’t affect your no claims bonus
  • All repairs are completed to MOT guidelines
  • A chip repair can cost 50% less than a new windscreen
  • Fully equipped mobile service
  • Fast repairs in under 30 minutes
  • Low cost alternative to a new windscreen
  • Repairs up to 10p coin size approx
windscreen stone chip repair
windscreen stone chip repair