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We use an online contact form which is only utilised for trade or business enquiries. There are email links within the site which take the user to the main contact email address for Devon Windscreens.

We do not store any information about individual surfing or browsing habits of clients nor do we directly or indirectly release information to any third party regarding the identity of individual persons or corporate bodies with whom we may come in contact. Whilst we do not intentionally release such information any information gained about any organisation or person within this web site is such which is in the public domain.

The only data retained on records held by Devon Windscreens is essential information for trading purposes. Such data will not be used for commercial gain, nor released to any third party under any circumstances.

Devon Windscreens will not release any information gained about the identity of any person or body corporate using this site to any third party.

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What sort of cookies do we use?

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Third Party Cookies:

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Devon Windscreens privacy policy and cookies
Devon Windscreens privacy policy and cookies