WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Windscreen Fitting Damage

Windscreen Fitting Damage

Windscreen Fitting Damage Here are a few pictures of the typical windscreen fitting damage caused by windscreen fitters and windscreen companies who prioritise speed over skill. When a windscreen is removed with a knife and then the urethane is cut back with a knife the aperture gets damaged, a long deep scratch then starts to … Read more

Ford Fiesta Side Window

Fiesta Side Window

Ford Fiesta Side Window After an accident with a strimmer this customer rang Autoglass only to be informed that they are currently only carrying out work for insurance companies and fleet customers – for a short period! Luckily we were able to source a new Ford Fiesta quarter glass overnight from the initial call at … Read more

Ford Transit Bulkhead Glass

Transit Bulkhead Replacement Glass

Ford Transit Bulkhead Glass Today we replaced a Ford Transit bulkhead glass that had smashed when the customer was carry out some work to close to the van. A piece of debris flew up and shattered the window. The later Transit windows are bonded to the cab like most modern windows on a bead of … Read more

Ford Transit Custom Windscreen

ford transit custom windscreen

Ford Transit Custom Replacement Windscreen This installation must be carried out very carefully using the latest windscreen technology due to the Ford design – there is no margin for error when removing the glass. With the latest glass removal system and Lil Buddy installation device this replacement can be carried out by one person. Have … Read more

Ford Transit New Windscreen

transit windscreen

Ford Transit Replacement Windscreen Replacement Transit windscreens from £100+VAT, supplied and fitted with a lifetime guarantee. All our replacement windscreens are OEM standard or Pilkington equivalent ensuring your safety.

Ford Transit Windscreen

ford transit windscreen

Ford Transit Replacement Windscreen Replacement windscreens for Ford Transits from £100+VAT supplied and fitted with a lifetime warranty.

Ford Fiesta Windscreen

Ford Fiesta New Windscreen New windscreen on a Ford Fiesta due to the mirror being glued to the screen incorrectly causing the laminated glass to crack under stress. The older Ford interior mirrors are light weight and usually held on with a sticky pad, sometimes these let go and the DIY’ers decide to super glue … Read more

Windscreen Damage

Windscreen Damage Today we replaced a Ford Fiesta windscreen. The windscreen had been replaced previously and when the glass was removed correctly this damage was revealed. This is the typical low standard in the windscreen industry where the aperture has been scratched probably with a knife when the glass was removed incorrectly last time. Not … Read more