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Windscreen Fitting Damage

Windscreen Fitting Damage

Here are a few pictures of the typical windscreen fitting damage caused by windscreen fitters and windscreen companies who prioritise speed over skill. When a windscreen is removed with a knife and then the urethane is cut back with a knife the aperture gets damaged, a long deep scratch then starts to rust over time eventually causing the severe rust and water leaks.

At Devon Windscreens every windscreen installation is carried out to industry leading standards, your windscreen is removed carefully with a nylon cord wherever possible to further reduce any potential damage occurring. Then the urethane is gently removed using special angled chisels designed to prevent aperture damage. After this we apply a special primer if needed to make sure your aperture is in perfect condition prior to the new windscreen install.

If your windscreen company uses a knife to remove the urethane then you will more than likely suffer damage through the paint being scratched which will later rust as these windscreen fitters never bother to prime any bare metal.

We document all pre-existing damage and keep a record on file for reference.

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