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Combo Windscreen

Combo Windscreen

This Combo windscreen had cracked and failed the MOT in Newton Abbot. Sadly the windscreen had been replaced in the past and whichever windscreen company had carried out the replacement had done a poor job. This standard of work is very common within the windscreen industry with many companies overloading their windscreen fitters coupled with a lack of training or care.

This windscreen was sat too low in the aperture, an original Vauxhall Combo windscreen always comes with three small rubber blocks to ensure the bottom of the windscreens sits up a few millimetres, whoever replaced it didn’t bother to re-use or replace those blocks and threw away the bottom trim sacrificing quality for speed as usual. Across the top of the aperture some sort of knife had been used, this had gauged the paintwork and subsequently rusted. We photograph and store this damage on file for future reference. Rather than just leaving the rust we sanded down the damage as best we could to bare metal and primed the damage to hopefully slow the deterioration of the aperture. A few seconds saved on a poor previous windscreen installation has now ensured that at some point this windscreen will leak due to the rust damage.

For a professional windscreen replacement, guaranteed with no damage to your windscreen aperture contact Devon Windscreens on 01626 445186.

We always use the latest industry leading methods to remove your windscreen, generally with a fibre-line to ensure a perfect windscreen removal. We have special urethane removal tools to remove the bond without penetrating the aperture, if you see a windscreen fitter with a knife you have called a company that will damage your car and cause massive damage in the future due to rust.

All our windscreen installations are carried out with a windscreen lifting machine to ensure perfect adhesion onto Sika urethane.

Here are some pictures of the damage from the previously bodged windscreen installation:



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