Peugeot Partner Windscreen Repair

Peugeot Windscreen Repair

Peugeot Partner Windscreen Repair This Peugeot Partner required a windscreen repair in Paignton for a local fleet. With the mild weather it is always sensible and cheaper to get your windscreen repaired rather than replaced. If water enters a chipped windscreen, the overnight frost can then cause it to crack the following morning especially if … Read morePeugeot Partner Windscreen Repair

Vauxhall Combo Windscreen

Vauxhall Combo Windscreen

Vauxhall Combo Windscreen This Vauxhall Combo van in Ashburton required a new windscreen after failing the MOT test. A straightforward low-cost windscreen to replace which takes around 1 hour to fit. If your van has failed the MOT with a broken windscreen contact Devon Windscreens on 01626 445186 for a replacement glass.

Windscreen Chip Repair Process

Windscreen Chip Repair Process

Windscreen Chip Repair Process Today we repaired a couple of stone chips on a Ford Transit van for a local fleet company in Newton Abbot. The windscreen had two stone chips, one of them was a star break which can be quite tricky to repair and carries a greater risk of cracking under the windscreen … Read moreWindscreen Chip Repair Process

Ford Transit Windscreen Chips

Star Break in Windscreen

Ford Transit Windscreen Chips This Ford Transit required two windscreen chips to be repaired for a removal company in Dartington. One of the windscreen chips was a star break. If a star break is left unrepaired it is likely to crack either on a very hot day or the first frosty morning in Autumn! With … Read moreFord Transit Windscreen Chips

Renault Master Windscreen Chips

Bullseye Windscreen Chip

Renault Master Windscreen Chips This Renault Master required 3 windscreen chip repairs to keep it on the road for a local hire company. Even with several windscreen chips it is generally cheaper to repair the stone chips rather than replace the whole windscreen which is more expensive and time-consuming. With the vehicle due back out … Read moreRenault Master Windscreen Chips

Star Break Windscreen Repair

Star Break Windscreen Repair

Star Break Windscreen Repair Several chips repaired today for a local fleet in Newton Abbot, most of which were star breaks!! Star breaks still repair ok but they never disappear completely like a bullseye windscreen chip repair. Also star breaks carry a higher risk of the windscreen cracking under the repair process especially if the … Read moreStar Break Windscreen Repair

Stone Chip Repair

Windscreen Chip Prior to Repair

Stone Chip Repair Another perfect stone chip repair! The warm sunny weather combined with a small half moon windscreen chip made the perfect windscreen repair in Newton Abbot this morning. By repairing the windscreen we were able to save the customer having to pay for a replacement windscreen which would have been very expensive on … Read moreStone Chip Repair