WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Vauxhall Combo Windscreen Repair

Vauxhall Combo Windscreen Repair

This Vauxhall Combo windscreen repair was carried out for a local rental fleet in Newton Abbot.

The van had come back in from a rental with a chipped and cracked windscreen. The windscreen was cracked across the top corner and didn’t really need a new screen so we carried out a windscreen repair. Similar to repairing a cracked coach windscreen, a small hole is drilled and impacted at the end of the chip to prevent it cracking any further. Then a normal windscreen stone chip repair is carried out, once the resin had flowed into the crack we then proceeded to fill the rest of the crack running from the top of the windscreen where the original chip occurred.

As you can see from the pictures a windscreen crack repair can be very effective in the right circumstances.



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