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VW Transporter Windscreen

VW Transporter Windscreen

This VW transporter windscreen had been replaced before in Exeter, whoever had replaced it caused extensive damage to the aperture due to using the incorrect tools to remove a windscreen.

The windscreen was also sat too high along the roof line and the windscreen urethane had missed in several places causing the windscreen to leak.

Sadly these types of windscreen replacements are all too common within the windscreen industry. Several large and small local companies only focus on fast windscreen replacements – sacrificing quality over quantity, whilst we try to match our competitors pricing we will never sacrifice the quality of our workmanship or lower our standards even if the job takes twice as long.

All this damage had to be repaired prior to the windscreen installation, all our installations are carried out to Sika guidelines to ensure your safety.

Here are some pictures of this horror story…

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