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VW Transporter Van Conversion

Our latest project was a VW Transporter van conversion at Buyrite Tyres in Newton Abbot.

This was a full conversion with fixed privacy glass all round. All our van conversion glass comes from a reputable supplier and is normally SGI or AM Glass, which we find fit a lot better than the cheap stuff sourced from eBay and other places. We can source most van conversion glass, whether you require standard green tinted glass, privacy glass or sliding windows – top openers or side openers available depending on the vehicle make and model.

We always fit the most appropriate trim across the cut panels after double priming the edge to prevent corrosion. This means all the original manufacturers panel sealant is left undisturbed and your panels remain bonded together as it left the factory in original condition.

Here are a few pictures of the preparation and installed windows. If you require a van conversion call Devon Windscreens on 01626 445186

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