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VW Transporter T5 Van Conversion

VW Transporter T5 Van Conversion

We were recently called in to swop over a couple of windows for a regular customer in Kingsteignton. We removed the two old windows with our specialist removal tool to ensure a clean removal with a guarantee of no paint damage due to the nylon cord use instead of cheese wire.  The gap between the paintwork and the glass is quite narrow on a VW Transporter so using a cheese wire would have required a lot of masking tape to protect the paintwork from damage.

Once the windows were out this is what we found (see pictures below). A really rough edge dented and bare metal exposed – one of the worse van conversions I have seen and we see some rough stuff on occasions.

Our customer straightened the panel and removed the sealer from between the panels, after priming the edges they then applied new panel sealer and the correct edge trim to cover both the inner and outer panel edges. Once this was all tidied up we were finally able to bond in two new windows and restore the van back to how it should have been done in the first place.





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