WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Renault Master Windscreen Chips

Bullseye Windscreen Chip

Renault Master Windscreen Chips This Renault Master required 3 windscreen chip repairs to keep it on the road for a local hire company. Even with several windscreen chips it is generally cheaper to repair the stone chips rather than replace the whole windscreen which is more expensive and time-consuming. With the vehicle due back out … Read moreRenault Master Windscreen Chips

Renault Clio Replacement Windscreen

Renault Clio Replacement Windscreen

Renault Clio Replacement Windscreen This Renault Clio replacement windscreen was carried out in Newton Abbot. The windscreen was replaced due to extensive surface chips which made it hard to drive at night. Most windscreens gradually suffer from surface chips over time and a new windscreen is the only option to restore vision.

Star Break Windscreen Repair

Star Break Windscreen Repair

Star Break Windscreen Repair Several chips repaired today for a local fleet in Newton Abbot, most of which were star breaks!! Star breaks still repair ok but they never disappear completely like a bullseye windscreen chip repair. Also star breaks carry a higher risk of the windscreen cracking under the repair process especially if the … Read moreStar Break Windscreen Repair

Stone Chip Repair

Windscreen Chip Prior to Repair

Stone Chip Repair Another perfect stone chip repair! The warm sunny weather combined with a small half moon windscreen chip made the perfect windscreen repair in Newton Abbot this morning. By repairing the windscreen we were able to save the customer having to pay for a replacement windscreen which would have been very expensive on … Read moreStone Chip Repair

Toyota Yaris Windscreen Chip

Toyota Yaris Windscreen Chip

Toyota Yaris Windscreen Chip Repair This was an impact in the a-zone which is the most critical area on a windscreen and closely inspected by MOT testers. After setting up our Esprit Windscreen Repair machine and doubling the repair process time we were able to achieve a perfect repair. The chip had several small cracks … Read moreToyota Yaris Windscreen Chip

Hyundai Windscreen Chip Repair

Hyundai Windscreen Chip Repair Windscreen Chip Repair for a local fleet company to save the cost of a windscreen. A windscreen stone chip repair is normally around 50% cheaper than a replacement windscreen. A fairly standard repair which came out almost perfect, the warmer temperatures help with the glass resin flowing much more effectively.

Megane Windscreen Chip Repair

Megane Windscreen Chip Repair Today we repaired a combination break on a Renault Megane windscreen, initially it was a straightforward repair but after around 10 minutes a small amount of trapped air wouldn’t disappear. After running through the air removal process it was still there, the next option was to raise the ambient temperature to … Read moreMegane Windscreen Chip Repair