Connect Replacement Windscreen

Ford Transit Connect New Windscreen

Connect Replacement Windscreen After my own windscreen cracked back in January I finally had time to replace it today. Although the Ford Transit Connect windscreen is fairly large it is a straightforward screen to replace and easily lifted into position with the Lil Buddy one person lifting device. With our Sika urethane, the van was … Read moreConnect Replacement Windscreen

VW Passat Windscreen

VW Passat Replacement WindscreenVW Passat Replacement Windscreen

VW Passat Windscreen Today we replaced a VW Passat windscreen with a rain sensor. The rain sensor is located behind the interior mirror (3rd picture) and detects rain fall, the sensor then alters the speed of the wipers according to the amount of rain falling onto the windscreen. It is very important when changing the … Read moreVW Passat Windscreen

Honda CR-V Windscreen

Honda CRV Replacement Windscreen

Honda CRV Replacement Windscreen Today we replaced a windscreen on a Honda CR-V, this windscreen has a rain sensor which automatically operates the windscreen wipers when it rains. As the customer had car insurance with Aviva we were able to invoice the insurance company direct. Just pay your excess and we take care of the … Read moreHonda CR-V Windscreen

VW T25 Windscreen Rubber

VW T25 Windscreen

VW T25 Windscreen Rubber This T25 windscreen was cracked by a local garage when the new rubber supplied by the customer was a cheap substandard product. When they tried to fit the glass the screen cracked and then we got the call! After ordering a new windscreen and a proper T25 windscreen rubber, we were … Read moreVW T25 Windscreen Rubber

Peugeot 206 Windscreen

Peugeot 206 Windscreen

Peugeot 206 Windscreen This Peugeot 206 had been involved in an accident which resulted in the windscreen pillar getting damaged and smashing the windscreen. After carefully taping up all the broken glass we were able to remove this windscreen cleanly with no additional mess. Sadly the car hadn’t been repaired correctly by a local trader … Read morePeugeot 206 Windscreen

VW Beetle Windscreen Replacement

VW Beetle Replacement Windscreen

VW Beetle Replacement Windscreen A replacement windscreen on a VW Beetle due to an unfortunate accident when the customer decided to change his own wiper blades! Whilst changing over the blades the wiper arm sprang back and hit the windscreen with enough force to cause a severe crack, as the MOT was also due the … Read moreVW Beetle Windscreen Replacement