Sprinter Windscreen

Sprinter Windscreens Mk1

Sprinter Windscreen Mercedes Sprinter windscreen replaced whilst in a local body shop having a respray. The windscreen was removed prior to the respray to allow the bodyshop to repair the rust damage to the aperture.

Glass Repair

Glass Repair

A temporary windscreen crack repair carried out for a fleet operator in Newton Abbot. The resin is drawn into the crack using capillary action. Although the crack is repaired and will not get any worse the windscreen will still be replaced within the next couple of months, purely a stop gap measure to reduce fleet costs.

Windscreen Crack Repair

JCB Front & Rear Screen

JCB Front & Rear Screen Replacement front windscreen and rear glass fitted to a JCB Telehandler.  

Reliant Scimitar Heated Windscreen

Reliant Scimitar Heated Windscreen Heated windscreen and new rubber fitted to a Reliant Scimitar in Exeter. Call Devon Windscreens for your Classic car glass.

VW Combi Body Glass

New rubber fitted to all the side windows on a VW Combi van, deluxe window rubbers used which fit better than the cheap standard ones. Call Devon Windscreens for your Classic car windows.

Jaguar X-Type Rear Screen

New rubber fitted to the rear window of a Jaguar X-Type, glass sealed and chrome trims refitted. Call Devon Windscreens for your Classic car glass.

Sunroof Glass

Smashed Sunroof Replaced

Aftermarket replacement sunroof fitted to a car after the original sunroof glass shattered. The original sunroof hole had to be enlarged and re trimmed to accommodate the new frame.

Leaking Transporter Glass

Leaking Transporter Window

VW Transporter T5 side window leaking after a poor installation somewhere in Dorset. The customer was very lucky that the window hadn’t fallen out as the glass wasn’t primed and with a little pressure it completely let go the urethane. Normally when a window is cut out the old urethane is matt black in colour, … Read more

Plant Glass

CAT 320D Side glass refitted onsite in Devon. A wide range of toughened plant and agricultural glass available from Devon Windscreens.