WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Windscreen Repair Progress

Windscreen Repair Progress

Here are a few shots of a windscreen repair as the resin progresses along the cracked screen.

When a windscreen repair is carried out, the resin is injected into the central chamber and then flows into the stone chip and cracks replacing the air with repair resin. As you can see in the pictures from the initial chip with a live crack, the initial damage is soon filled with resin. Then it is a slower process, up to 10 minutes for the resin to chase out the longer cracks until all the air is replaced with resin. If you have a windscreen stone chip repaired it is vital that the chip is correctly opened up to allow the resin to flow in, a lot of poor windscreen repairs are due to a lack of experience when a technician doesn’t open up the break correctly.

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