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Toyota Yaris Glass Roof

Toyota Yaris Glass Roof

This Toyota Yaris glass roof needed replacing in Newton Abbot after it cracked.

Modern cars often have extended windscreens into the roof section or glass roofs which extend to the windscreen. These glass roofs are usually made from laminated glass which will only crack instead of shattering like toughened glass. To replace a glass roof normally the interior headlining will need to be removed, this Toyota Yaris also had an integral sun blind cassette which also had to be removed to gain access to the glass. once we obtained full access to the glass from the inside, we attached our fibre line device to the glass and proceeded to remove the glass roof with no damage to any of the surrounding paintwork. Once the glass roof panel is removed the replacement glass is a simple installation like a modern windscreen replacement.

The replacement glass roof normally has to be specially ordered in from the local car dealer as local windscreen suppliers don’t tend to stock glass roof panels.

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