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Replacement Windscreen Car Damage

Replacement Windscreen Car Damage

This replacement windscreen on a Ford Transit Connect van had been bodged up by some cowboy windscreen fitter.

As you can see from the photos the aperture has rusty scratch marks from the use of a knife to either remove the trim or urethane. Using a knife to remove the urethane is a poor method and causes a lot if extra damage to either the trims or paintwork. It’s a shame that even after such a bodge up the windscreen fitter didn’t apply some primer which would have prevented this damage from deteriorating even further – with a trim hiding this part of the aperture applying some primer wouldn’t have been an issue.

Even though the damage was on the higher aperture and not an area that would affect our subsequent windscreen installation we still sanded the damaged area to remove as much rust as possible, then we careful primed the aperture damage. Whilst this won’t stop the rust coming back eventually, it will slow it down.

As always we document and photograph the windscreen aperture damage. At some point in the future this rust will eat through the aperture into the roof section causing the vehicle to leak.

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