WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Mercedes A-Class Windscreen Chip Repair

Mercedes A-Class Windscreen Chip Repair

This Mercedes A-Class windscreen chip repair was carried out in Dawlish. This type of windscreen chip can be extremely risky to repair as there isn’t a proper chip just a 1cm crack which carries a high risk of spreading.

The crack was in the A-Zone which is the most critical area of the windscreen and also for the MOT test. The safest option on this type of windscreen chip is to gently drill the glass which opens the break without aggravating it. Usually this time of year we would warm the interior of the vehicle to also help the resin flow into the break, this also carries a risk of helping the crack spread and as this one was so risky we just repaired it without any extra heat and allowed double the normal repair time – the result was a perfect windscreen chip repair.


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