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Leaking BMW Mini Windscreen

Leaking BMW Mini Windscreen

It is rare for a bonded windscreen to leak but this one had been replaced in London and once the glass was removed the reasons for the leak became apparent.

Windscreen Contamination
Windscreen contamination from poor handling.

Once a bonded windscreen has been cleaned and correctly primed it is good practice to then wear latex gloves, avoid handling the glass unless it is via suction pads or the glass edge. This stops the freshly primed glass becoming contaminated by any dirt, solvents, grease, oily fingerprints and other substances. As you can see from the picture this was prepared and installed by an untrained windscreen fitter.

BMW Mini One Leaking
Leak from missing urethane.

The windscreen urethane had also missed as you can see in the second picture, the urethane is in the middle of the obscuration band and as it comes across the top of the glass it misses for a couple of centimetres, this was enough to allow the water to pass into the vehicle and start to cause electrical problems.

A very poor quality installation from a London based windscreen company.

The old glass came out without breaking and after cleaning the aperture and glass, repriming, refitting with the correct tools – suction pads and the lil buddy one person lifting device the windscreen is now watertight!


2 thoughts on “Leaking BMW Mini Windscreen”

  1. I have a Toyota Celica 1999 with a leaking front windscreen I tested It by injecting blue food colouring around the outside of the screen witch the appeared inside the car.How much would it cost to remove and refit my windscreen to sort my problem. I have been quoted £127.00 by Autowindscreens im based in Launceston

    • Hi

      Unless the windscreen has been changed the chances of saving a 16 year old bonded windscreen would be remote, extremely risky with no warranty even if it did survive the remove and refit process. I would advise a new windscreen.


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