WindscreenStone Chip Repair

Laminated Sunroof Stone Chip Repair

Laminated Sunroof Stone Chip Repair

One of our more unusual calls today, this was for a stone chip repair on a sunroof in Abbotskerswell, Devon.

It is very rare to get a chipped sunroof, often the glass is toughened and would just shatter and any roof glass usually avoids stone chip damage because of the location.

The repair process is the same as repairing a chipped windscreen, we attach our Esprit bridge and inject a resin into the break. After 10 – 20 mins and several degassing cycles the chip is then ready to finished. The bridge is removed and a stronger pit fill resin applied, then a LED UV lamp cures the resin. After a quick polish of the hardened resin the car is good to go.




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