Ford Fiesta Heated Windscreen

Ford Fiesta Heated Windscreen

Replacement heated windscreen for a Ford Fiesta.

As you can see from the pictures below we take the utmost care to remove your windscreen without damage to the aperture using industry leading methods, we always clean the aperture prior to activating and priming to ensure good adhesion of our primers and urethane. All windscreen removals are done with dash protectors, removal of trims as necessary to prevent damage and more importantly without rushing!


A typical installation by some of the local hack companies with knives will result it heavy scratching to the aperture which will then cause rust and leaking windscreens.


After the windscreen has been installed correctly with our Lil Buddy lifting system, all the trims are reassembled, the wipers checked to make sure they are operating correct. The interior is checked for any signs of potential problems with the urethane. Then finally the windscreen is cleaned, bodywork polished and door sills cleaned.


Another perfect windscreen installation from Devon Windscreens.

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